ChiefERP Key Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Core Modules

The healthcare industry is witnessing a growing emphasis on quality of patient care and positive clinical outcomes amidst fierce competition. It has therefore become imperative that hospitals and healthcare providers streamline processes and models, while reducing operational costs to keep apace of the evolving market. ChiefERP is a committed healthcare IT solutions partner, preparing hospitals […]

Supportive Modules

ChiefERP_HMIS is the New-Age Hospital Information Management System, designed and developed in house. It is designed to equip hospitals to overcome current and future challenges through tangible results. Built with valuable inputs from across the healthcare value chain, including, clinicians, process consultants, nurses, pharmacists, and information technologists, ChiefERP_HMIS enable you to significantly improve quality of […]

Enterprise-enabling Modules

It will provide vital and key reports to management. All the Further we are planning to incorporate graphical analysis of reports. Our typical management Information System (MIS) module offers information related to the performance of different departments of hospitals. It also provides accurate reports to the management unit to analyze the effectiveness of numerous functions […]

Application Module

One of the major concerns of most hospitals is confidentiality of reports and records. The information stored in Hospital Management system is very sensitive and confidential. The system has been designed with a multi layer of security to manage these data. Access Control (Defines users who can access) Authorization (Defines Rights of an User) Data […]

Add-On Features

ChiefERP Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management System (HMS) ERP provides both clinical as well as patient and childcare aspects to hospital management. The software is divided into different modules, each addressing a specific activity of the hospital and thereby facilitating better patient care. Each module can be used as a stand alone solution or can […]

Service Coverage
Team Members
Multi Centered

One of the very few solutions that supports multi center operations, Scalable solution that grows with you as your hospital expands

Integration Capabilities

Provide easy integration and interfaces to Financial accounting system , lab equipment and more third party applications.

Cloud Enabled

No expensive hardware . No managing the IT infrastructure. Host the entire solution on the cloud.

Paperless Wokstation

Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation.

Optimizing every operation of your clinic!

ChiefERP, a cloud/web-based application which covers all financial, clinical and operational requirements of a hospital/clinic.

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